How to Open a California

Co-Op / Collective / Dispensary

1) Create a Business Plan

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2) Find a Location

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3) Funding

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1) Create A Business Plan

Decide how you plan to run your business.

Start with the basics. I recommend forming a corporation, it offers the best protection overall. Depending on your particular State’s requirements, this may be a general C-Corp or a Not fr Profit entity under State Law.

You CAN NOT be a Federal 501 (c)(3) corporation because marijuana, medical or not, is not recognized by Federal Law…anyone who tells you otherwise is sadly mistaken about the law.

We offer complete assistance in the creation of a business plan including the following:
1. Business Formation
2. Assist with securing rental property, this entails discussing current laws and possible liability with a potential landlord. (we are not real estate agents, but we can point you in the right direction)
3. Assist with obtaining necessary City and/or County Business Licenses. This is where a lot of the cost comes in. Sometimes this can require multiple meetings with City/County Officials and/or City/County government agencies.
4. Dispensary Floor-plan and Security Design. We’ve worked with a lot of them and know what is the most secure method to set you up.
5. Daily procedures including inventory control. Proper and complete record keeping is a MUST!
6. Prepare daily business forms and documents. These include patient sign-in sheets, employee time cards, transaction records and other daily necessities.

The biggest reason these businesses fail is because of poor planning. Be it due to not overseeing employees or not following every procedure properly, having a written plan for every job is essential. From the moment a patient walks in through the door there should be a plan for how to assist them until they walk back out the door.

2) Find a Location

There is no question that this is the hardest and most important part of the entire process.

Finding a landlord who will approve of the use can be difficult, but complete honesty is essential.

If you do not tell them what the purpose is, then they have grounds to evict you almost at will later.

Always Remember,The first rule of business is


3) Funding

So now you have to figure out how to pay for opening a dispensary. There are some basic costs that can’t be avoided, such as rent and security deposit, but that is just the beginning.

A security guard is required, so is a computer system, a security system, display cases, couches, chairs, desks, a copy machine, a phone line, filing cabinets, files, paper, pens, and the list goes on.


Depending on the design and style you are going for, costs can vary.

The best recommendation I can offer is to be certain that you have at least $50,000 as a BARE MINIMUM (often more in the range of $75,000 to $100,000 but this is dependent upon location and build-out) to get the basics.

This does not include medication, pipes, water-pipes, papers and other accessories, vaporizers, or any related merchandise or clones you may want to carry. The acquisition of medication is a topic that is an entirely separate issue that needs to be discussed during an initial consultation.

We are the internet's first and foremost at properly forming advising & California licensing for both medicinal and over 21.

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