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Legal Assistance from CA Licensed Attorney.

Protecting the Law Since 1997

More than 20 years as the 1st overtly outspoken attorney representing marijuana patients and collectives. Prior to this , I spent over a decade of activism.

There is only one counselor who is needed in the most precarious situations, even when it’s to terminate leo raids, and that’s the original 420Lawyer.com, Rev. Scott H. Linden, Esq.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your personal situation which is protected under attorney/client privilege, thus void of misuse of proprietary information. ideas and future plans. 

Your secrets are my secrets, your problems are my problems – not so common in today’s world; and I also offer a sliding scale for my fees and payment plans. I am truly here to help.

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MMJ Pioneer

1st attorney to step up and incorporate cannabis businesses.

Weed Lobbyist

Successfully challenged and created rules and regulations for cities and counties for the industry.

Over 300+ Marijuana Biz  Clients

Helped entrepreneurs in the industry expand the legal supply of marijuana  to the public

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The Client Comes First

Most laws are prejudicial and only benefit financially upper class people. I am here to bring justice to the regular person.


Zealous Representation

I go beyond the legal standard… I uphold fiduciary responsibilities and do everything in he law to get results for client. 


Very Selective Client Selection

Don’t bend 4 anyone; money or other.  I do not work with everyone. I am purpose driven. 

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Rev. Scott H. Linden, Esq.

Rev. Scott H. Linden, Esq.

"the original 420 Lawyer"

Hello, my name is Scott and I am a California licensed corporate and business attorney practicing in Southern California.

Parts of my family came to California long ago by wagon train…many, many generations ago…and helped with settling much of the Southern California area. I am a third generation U.C.L.A. Bruin, (I bleed blue and gold), and a stout advocate for the legalization of marijuana for its numerous medicinal and commercial uses as well as its well-documented, historically religious nature.

I passed the California Bar in 1997 and was sworn in for the State of California and for the Southern Federal District Court. In 1998 I took and passed the New York State Bar, but I chose not to swear in; I decided to practice exclusively in California.

Since then, I have been the general counsel for several large corporations including a nationwide plumbing contractor and supplier and a dental supply company who, at the time, was earning over $100,000,000 annually.

I am a licensed numismatist and I avidly collect large, small, colonial and obsolete currency dating to the late 1700’s. I also collect coins from the early 1787 Fugio Cent (made from the copper that held the powder keg barrels given to the US by the French during the Revolution) to the modern US gold & Silver bullion.

In 1990, graduated Santa Monica College earning an Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts.

In 1993, graduated UCLA earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. While at UCLA, volunteered time with Dr. O. Ivaar Lovaas in the child development department utilizing behavior modification techniques for autistic children under 6 years old.

In 1996, graduated California Western School of Law earning a Juris Doctor degree.

From the 1990’s until 2003, worked as the Corporate General Counsel and Human Resources Director for the largest privately-owned dental supply company in the United States with 18 branch locations in 15 states.

We are the internet's first and foremost at properly forming advising & California licensing for both medicinal and over 21.

California proposition 215

Dispensaries,Collectives , Co-ops, Delivery Services, Vendors, Growing Facilities & Edible Companies