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Today, the Marijuana revolution is upon us. It has been a long journey from the days that hemp was the gross domestic product of the USA and then in a nightmare scenario that became real,  marijuana was unfortunately demonized from the late 1930’s onward.

With every decade since then, the grass roots efforts have paved the way for the legislation we see now where states and territories everywhere are legalizing marijuana. This is a great thing for all. It is especially a prime opportunity for entrepreneurs who would like to offer marijuana products to those who love and need it.

This is where we come in to the picture. Our law firm can assist you in all your legal needs relating to operating a marijuana related business. I am the original marijuana attorney, dating back to the late 1990’s when MMJ was still very illegal in most places in the United States. I have successfully provided legal counsel to Marijuana businesses and I can be your 420 Lawyer too.

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A few Testimonies from Cannabis Business Owners we have helped.

“Scott Has opened up new profitable worlds for me that I never knew existed.”

Eric - Inland Empire (Grower and Owner of Multiple Dispensary Licenses)

“Not afraid to stand up to authoritative agencies when confronted by attempts to shut our weed biz down.”

Nick - San Fernando Valley (Dispensary owner)

“Helped re-draft ordinances on the city, county and state municipalities.”

Christopher - Los Angeles (California Attorney)

We are the internet's first and foremost at properly forming advising & California licensing for both medicinal and over 21.

California proposition 215

Dispensaries,Collectives , Co-ops, Delivery Services, Vendors, Growing Facilities & Edible Companies